Apartment Style

VIU Residence has two apartment buildings.  Each building is three stories tall and features beautiful ocean and mountain views.  The Apartments were part of a large expansion, and construction was completed in 2003.  These buildings were inspired by the Whistler Olympic Village, so they have a distinctive west coast feel.

Each apartment contains four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room.  The bedrooms are a mix of double rooms and single rooms.  The double room accommodates two residents on bunk beds.  Each resident has a wardrobe and a desk.  The single room has a single bed, wardrobe and desk.  These apartments create a smaller sense of community and are perfect places to develop long lasting friendships.

The common areas are equipped with shared a shared fridge, microwave, stove, TV and study spaces. Each apartment has cable TV and wireless internet access.  These apartments are the perfect balance of the independence offered by living off campus and the community of on campus living. 

Coin operated laundry facilities are available in the Cedar Centre 24-hours a day.  These spaces will be filled based on availability in order of application date.  All room preferences will be determined based on the number of years lived in the residence and the application date.