Community Standards

As a resident of VIU Student Residence, it is your responsibility to comply with the behavioural standards outlined here. We expect you to take responsibility for your actions to ensure that everyone in VIU Student Residence has a safe and enjoyable experience.

These standards are not limited to VIU Student Residence buildings, but also apply to all property areas adjacent to the buildings (e.g. parking lots and surrounding grounds), and during sanctioned VIU Student Residence events, even if these events take place outside the residence property or off-campus.

A violation of these standards will be a breach of your Student Residence Agreement with VIU and may result in actions being taken against you or sanctions applied. This may include evictionfrom VIU Student Residence. When an alleged violation of these standards is brought to the attention of VIU Student Residence staff, this will be dealt with following the process described in “Community Standards Process” that can be found in the Community Standards Handbook.

If you have a question or concern about a community standard, or you feel that a member of the residence community has acted inappropriately or in violation of these standards, we encourage you to contact your Community Leader or the Residence Life Coordinator.