Prospective Students

If you're studying at VIU, join our fantastic residence community and take advantage of everything VIU has to offer. VIU is committed to ensuring that everyone at VIU is able to study, live and work in an environment of tolerance and mutual respect, free from harassment and discrimination. This requires all members of the community to be aware of, and comply with, the standards of behaviour expected of community members. The well-being of the residence community is best achieved when everyone is aware of and understands their rights and responsibilities.

The following guiding principles describe the rights and accompanying responsibilities of residents within the residence community:

      • Every person in the community can expect consideration and respect for their feelings and needs, and in return has the responsibility to conduct themselves in a civil manner and to show respect for the rights of every other person in the community.
      • Every person in the community can expect to live in an environment where their possessions and the communal spaces are shown respect by others.