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Living With a Roommate


There is a balance between our social lives and moments of solitude. This page is trying to bring forth tips and points of reflection to help you be a better roommate and also handle the ups and downs that come with co-living. 

Self accountability and mental health awareness are powerful skills to make your experience at residence the best it can be.

PROS of Co-Living

students inside their building

  • Gain a potential life-long friend / love

  • Personal growth in communication with others

  • Emotional support and the ability to rely on others in your times of need. In all, you can build your support system to succeed in university !

  • Shared responsibly in maintaining your common spaces

  • Learn to set your own boundaries and compromise in ways that are mutually beneficial for both parties

CONS of Co-Living

Student conversing on viu residence

  • May have verbal disagreements that are your responsibility to work through or if unable to  get help from your community leader in resolving. 

  • Sharing your living space and "personal" space

  • Might have opposite schedules with school and/or sleep schedules. Have to create a system to work around differences. 

  • Social needs may differ as well as standards in hygiene and cleanliness.