Indigenous elder by VIU Residence

Indigenous Community (ILLC)

This community is an opportunity for Indigenous students to connect, share, and build a culturally rich community of respect, peer support, and mentorship.

Programming, events, and ceremony are designed with guidance and partnership from the Office for Indigenous Education and Engagement and Services for Aboriginal Students at VIU.

All room in this community are together in Townhouse 6 and students have the option of Modern Double or Modern Single room styles.


There are no additional fees for being part of the Living Learning Communities, excluding our regular residences fees.

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The intention of this community is to provide Indigenous students with a sense of belonging through engagement with cultural programming and connection to other Indigenous students.

This community offers the following:

  • connection with a VIU Elder in Residences. An Elder is available in the townhouse common room weekly for student connection and guidance. The Elder is available to attend some of the events with this community, as well as one on one support for students as needed
  • the ILLC has an Indigenous Program Leader who is also a student living within the ILLC.  The Program Leader provides support and creates events for the ILLC, and
  • This community is currently located in Townhouse 6 which provides Modern Single or Modern Double room options.