Residences busing downtown

Daily Services & Amenities

Some uses that you may require assistant is:

  • If you feel more secure having an security guard escort you from an area on campus and/or residence that you don’t feel comfortable going to and from alone.
  • If you suspect or witness suspicious behaviour that threats the standards and safety established for everyone on residence
  • Notify security of a fire, gas leak as well as the Nanaimo Fire Station by calling 9-1-1

Mailing Address

Use this as the template for your mailing address so you can receive mail.

Also, larger packages of mail will be kept in a pick up area in the main Cedar Centre office, so if you receive confirmation of a delivery just ask a front desk staff member to check if your item has arrived. 

Your First & Last Name
4 University Crescent,
(Add room number here)
Nanaimo, BC, V9R 6C5

Mailroom at VIU Residence in cedar centre


The laundry key card is given to you once you check in on residence and is a reloadable card. There are multiple laundry machines located in Cedar Centre (building #4). Once you are moved in you should receive a laundry card to use the machines within Cedar Centre and are responsible for maintaining that card.The amount on your laundry card can be refilled with your debit card or visa on a machine located just outside of the laundry room.

We just ask that you be aware of the time of each of your loads and be able to flip over your laundry, so everyone can find a machine for their use and aren’t delayed in wait times.

Furthermore, if there are any major concerns of well-being of a residence or residences you can contact security directly at: 

  • VIU Security Emergency number (24/7): 250-740-6600
  • Emergency Services: 9-1-1

If there is just a general worry feel free to bring awareness to your CL (Community Leader) or by calling front desk at Cedar Centre at: 250-740-6640

Lost Something?

If there are any items missing feel free to contact or go to cedar centre to bring up a concern. As well there are missing items often placed in the donation bin found in the Cedar Centre (building #4) laundry room. Although, residences must be accountable for their own personal items and residence is not responsible for items that are missing, stolen, etc. Therefore, we recommend not leaving valuable items in your common room or any accessible area that are not locked, as your room is the safest spot for items.

Borrow Equipment 

You can borrow items such as a volleyball, basketball, soccer ball, and other games more trivial like monopoly, twister, etc at the Cedar Centre. You can “sign out” an item if available from Cedar Centre by asking the front desk staff and bringing your student id for them to use as a method to borrow items. The item will be signed out and in exchange you had over your student id and then once finished using the item you can exchange it back for your id.  

Photograph of the volleyball courts on residence

On residence basketball court