residents with their community leaders group shot

The Community Leader Experience

The Community Leaders are place in residence to help residents have a network of people to reach out to for questions, help, and solutions to problems they may be experiencing. Therefore, they are heavily involved within the ResTide community and help create healthy relationships within residence.

The Community Leader positions allow for personal and professional development. There are supports for the student staff member from the Professional Staff and encouraged to find their own leadership style. 

Floor meeting in the common room

This job experience can provide students with a meaningful impact on their community, strengthen their teamwork skills, build connections, provide you with skills for future jobs, learn to balance work plus school, and gain life experience as well. The only caution for those interested in applying for this position is that you need to be ready to work on find the work, student, life balance and creating boundaries in what you can and can’t do. 

Student Staff

We have a variety of student staff members who act as your primary resource for living in residence. These Community Leaders, and Senior Community Leaders all live in residence

with you and perform the following roles:

  • Conflict resolution/mediation support
  • Crisis intervention
  • Provide a safe space to talk
  • Organize and host programs and events
  • Address violations of the Community Standards

Professional Staff

Residence Life has a team of professional staff who work to support the overall Residence Life. They:

  • Supervise student staff
  • Follow up on behavioural concerns
  • Oversee and support residence programming
  • Offer further support for residence students

More information about the professional staff’s roles in responding to behavioural concerns can be found in the Community Standards Handbook.