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Priority Room Offer

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Priority Groups

VIU Residence is pleased to offer priority to students who meet the criteria of our 5 Priority Groups (outlined below). Students can now live on campus and benefit from the exceptional academic and social support offered through our residence life program.

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The Academic Year Room Offers will be prioritized for the following groups that apply prior to May 1st:

1. First Year Students

Students coming directly from high school to VIU. This includes students who have graduated from high school in the last 12 months and have not completed any post-secondary coursework prior to coming to VIU. 

2. Indigenous Students

Students who have identified in their Residence application that they are Indigenous (Inuit, Metis, or First Nation).

3. Tuition Waiver Program Students

Students who have lived in care for a minimum of one year in the BC care system can apply for the VIU Tuition Waiver Program through Financial Aid and Awards.  Tuition Waiver Program students who submit applications for Residence for Fall or Academic Year by the deadline of May 1 are guaranteed a room offer for Residences.  Tuition Waiver Program students are prioritized for any available spaces after May 1 . 

4. International Students

Students who are arriving to VIU for their first year of studies in Canada. 

5. Accessibility Accommodations Students

Students who have submitted their Residence Accessibility Accommodation Form to Accessibility Services by May 1 , and meet the following criteria are guaranteed room offers in Residences:

  • Have submitted a Residence application for Fall or Academic Year, and
  • Have an approved Accessibility Accommodations for Residences by Accessibility Services at VIU.

Important Notes

  • All students must meet Student Residence eligibility criteria of enrollment in full time studies as deemed by VIU or Accessibility Services.
  • Room Offers are sent out by email beginning the first week of May continuing throughout summer and Fall when space is available.

Off Campus Housing Support

For those students who may not meet the eligibility requirements for Room Offer Priority, VIU Residences would like to refer students to Off-Campus Housing.

In the Off-Campus Housing Office, specific supports are promoted and available for students in need. These include, but are not limited to, in-person help with tenancy and roommate issues, support for referrals from VIU staff working with Indigenous students and communication with International Education and Student Affairs staff to help provide a wrap-around service. Connections with agencies in Nanaimo providing short-term and emergency housing and the availability of free tenants’ rights education are in place to help safeguard against immediate and longer-term housing instability. Please visit Off-Campus Housing Resources or email Michael Witcomb at for more information.