photo from above looking down the staircases on residence

What to Bring - Before you Move in

Tips to Consider Before Move In

There are lots of changes that occur when moving into a new environment and the ResTide wants to help it be a smooth transition. 

Now, here listed below are things that you probably will need to have the best experience coming into VIU Residence!

  1. Look over and get accustomed to the Community Standards Handbook so you know what is to expect and what is expected of you as a resident.

  2. Nothing wrong with building a relationship and communicating with your roommate before meeting in person on residence! By reaching out via email through the VIU Housing Portal you might feel more confident and at ease because you’ve already created a dialogue. 

  3. It’s good to know all the logistics! When you are moving in, when is your first class, what is your new address, look at maps of the residence and campus just to help you get to where you want to be. 

  4. Attain your student ID card as soon as you can.

  5. Get any linens, meal plans, or accommodations of any set up beforehand to help the process!

  6. Consider items that you actually need to bring for use or if there can be an item borrowed or shared instead. The best method is less is more when living with others. 

  7. Also, considering and figuring out health insurance and renter's insurance is very important to have set up in case of any situation. 

  8. Finally, overall just creating a foundation of success that suites you and supports all your needs. 

Top 10 Things to Bring

Advice from Previous VIU Student Residents

  1. Clothing hangers and closet organizers

  2. Headphones, earplugs, and smart devices

  3. Outwear, raincoat, and boots

  4. Cutlery, dishes, pots, and pans

  5. Extension cords, chargers, and powerbars

  6. Toiletries, towels, and bath mat

  7. Bedding and pillows

  8. Desk lamp and plants

  9. Mini fridge

  10. Bathing suit and sunglasses

Excited students with suitcases moving into Residence