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Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH)

VIU Student Residences seeks to provide a safe and inclusive living environment for all.

New for Fall 2023: VIU Residences is pleased to announce Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH)

Historically, Student Residences was limited in providing only shared bedrooms and bathrooms to students of the same gender only.

GIH is an optional community that is more than co-ed dorms in that it is a safe and welcoming option for students of all gender identities and expressions. GIH is for students who are interested in matching with a roommate and living together with other students based on other attributes besides gender. 

All shared bedrooms and bathrooms in GIH are gender inclusive and open to individuals of all genders and gender identities. Gender inclusive housing is open to all students. Students choosing GIH will be invited to participate in the roommate matching and room self-selection process.

Gender Inclusive Housing aims to be:

  1. a safe and welcoming community for all students

  2. a community where students can choose who they live with regardless of biological sex, gender identity or expression

  3. a community that celebrates and elevates diversity, equity and inclusion


  • Students who select this option must be open to living with a person of any gender.
  • Students who do not select Gender inclusive housing will self-select roommates and bathroom mates based on same gender options. It is encouraged for students to participate in selecting their roommate and bathroom mate, but it is not required.
  • If at any time in the process you decide that you would like to cancel your choice to live in Gender Inclusive Housing at Residences, you are welcome to do so, however, please note that room transfer fees will apply if this request comes after you have moved into your room.

More to explore!

We encourage all residents and VIU Students to learn more about the Positive Space Alliance who seeks to raise awareness of diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity and to challenge the patterns of silence that continue to marginalize these communities, as well as the Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Office who is available to all members of the Vancouver Island University community for consultation regarding human rights, diversity, conflict management, or related topics.

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