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Room Styles

All residents of Student Residences must abide by the laws of the Province of British Columbia and of Canada and VIU policies, procedures, and guidelines, while living in residence. We encourage residents to read all policies, procedures and guidelines that apply to students at VIU, including VIU’s Student Conduct Code.

There are ten residence buildings located in the western area of the Nanaimo campus offering a variety of accommodation. The Cedar Centre building 4 is the administration hub of the residence buildings where you will find a 24-hour front desk, the Residence Life office, mailboxes, and laundry facilities.

Two residence buildings (Arbutus House and Alder House) are “Traditional” dorm style residence buildings offering traditional single rooms on multiple floors.

Five residence buildings (Fir HousePine House,Hemlock HouseYew House and Spruce House) are “Townhouse” residence buildings where, in addition to having their own rooms (modern single or modern double with roommate), residents have access to a common space and kitchen.

Two residence buildings (Cottonwood House and Maple House) are “Apartment” style residence buildings where groupings of four resident rooms (modern single or modern double) are situated around a common kitchen, living area and two bathrooms. Where there are specific requirements applicable to the particular residence building or type of accommodation described above, they will be referred to as “Traditional”, “Townhouse” and/or “Apartment”.