Community and Conduct

Community Standards identify the behaviours and expectations necessary to support a positive and secure community. As we welcome you to your new home at Vancouver Island University, it is essential that you be aware and are responsible in regards to the standards. This is so that you can have the best possible experience living on campus. The Community Standards are detailed on the following pages of this Handbook and in your Residence Contract.

Why do we follow this structure?

As a resident of VIU Student Residence, it is your responsibility to comply with the behavioural standards outlined here. We expect you to take responsibility for your actions to ensure that everyone in VIU Student Residence has a safe and enjoyable experience.

Where are these applicable?

These standards are not limited to VIU Student Residence buildings, but also apply to all property areas adjacent to the buildings (e.g. parking lots and surrounding grounds), and during sanctioned VIU Student Residence events, even if these events take place outside the residence property or off-campus.

 Alcohol, Cannabis, Smoking & Vaporizers, Fire Safety, Noise, Guests

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What if you act outside of community standards?

A violation of these standards will be a breach of your Student Residence Agreement with VIU and may result in actions being taken against you or sanctions applied. This may include eviction from VIU Student Residence. When an alleged violation of these standards is brought to the attention of VIU Student Residence staff, this will be dealt with following the process described in “Community Standards Process” that can be found in the Community Standards Handbook

Want to Appeal?

Note: Any conduct status issued to you in a given year will be carried over to any subsequent years you live in residence. This may affect your eligibility to return to residence in future years. To appeal the carry-over of your assigned conduct status so that you can reapply please fill out the Judicial Hold Appeal Form. If you appeal is granted you will be able to reapply however your conduct status will remain in place for the duration of your stay in residence.

Judicial Hold Appeal Form