cl picture of community leaders at viu residence

Meet the Staff

Professional Staff

These members of the ResTide contribute to the logistical and organizational aspects within residence so that things run as smooth as possible. They are there to help support the student Residence experience. This is done through recommendations to support services and other resources to make the experience for the employees and students as enjoyable and beneficial as possible. As well as keep the standard procedures and guidelines followed to help us all have a great experience on residence. 

Residence Life has a team of professional staff who work to support the overall Residence Life. They:

  • Supervise student staff
  • Follow up on behavioural concerns
  • Oversee and support residence programming
  • Offer further support for residence students

More information about the professional staff’s roles in responding to behavioural concerns can be found in the Community Standards Handbook found at Resources & Forms.

Support Staff

Residence Services has many other staff who are here to help support you in your time in residence. Some that you will likely interact with are the Front Desk Staff and the Housekeeping Staff.

Front Desk

Front Desk staff are your first point of contact when you enter the Cedar Centre Residence Services Office, and they can help you with keys, questions about your fees, special mail delivery, or finding answers to residence-related questions.

The workers work tirelessly to address any problems that arise during your time within residence.  They are your source and connection to many services and aides that can help you though many situations.

Housekeeping Staff

Housekeeping Staff are responsible for the basic cleaning and tidying of common areas in the residence community. They work to provide residents with a clean and safe living environment.

These staff members within residence are such hard workers and allow all of us to benefit from having clean as well as functional spaces. The residences are accountable in maintaining their rooms and buildings in a responsible manner during their time on residence. This is to ensure that the students who follow can have the same quality of space when they decide to come to residence and more importantly reduces the work load for the housekeeping staff. 

Security Workers

These staff members are contracted out by the University, they help keep residence members and staff safe! It is so essential to have the security workers help in certain situations and they deserve respect as all members of residence do. These security members are here to keep everyone safe while on VIU property including VIU Student Residences.  

Student Staff

Community Leaders

The Community Leaders are placed in every residence building and floor, they are there to help residents have a network of people to reach out to for questions, help, and solutions to problems they may be experiencing. Therefore, they are heavily involved within the ResTide community and help create healthy relationships within residence.

We have a variety of student staff members who act as your primary resource for living in residence. These Community Leaders, and Senior Community Leaders all live in residence with you and perform the following roles:

  • Conflict resolution/mediation support
  • Crisis intervention
  • Provide a safe space to talk
  • Organize and host programs and events
  • Address violations of the Community Standards