Social distancing viu residence

COVID-19: Living with COVID

Public Health guidance regarding self-isolation:

  • Those who have been advised to test and test positive for COVID-19 are recommended to self-isolate as much as reasonably possible. 
  • If you have mild symptoms of COVID-19, you do not need a test.  Stay home and away from others until you feel well enough to return to your regular activities and you no longer have a fever.
  •  Testing for COVID-19 is recommended when a positive or negative result will inform decisions about treatment or care (e.g., those who are hospitalized). 
  • Those with symptoms can assess whether or not they need a test by using the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool.
  • Individuals can continue to access shared common areas when necessary, including kitchens and washrooms with safety measures in place.  These safety measures include:
  • Minimizing prolonged face to face interactions
  • Wearing a face mask while in close physical proximity to others,
  • Practicing regular hand washing, and
  • Accessing shared space during quieter times, when possible. 
  • Individuals living in on-campus housing may take advantage of self-catered options (where individuals can have a friend pick up meals from the cafeteria) and/or delivery options such as, Skip the Dishes, Door Dash, Instacart and other grocery store delivery options.
  • This will reduce the spread of COVID-19 while still allowing an individual who tests positive to access essential facilities such as shared kitchen and bathroom spaces.
  • Students who are required to isolate and as a result cannot participate in course assessments, please see VIU Health and Safety- COVID 19 webpage

VIU Residence Community Guidance:

Being Prepared

  • Students are encouraged to have a 5 day supply of food or snacks in their room in the case of an illness, isolation period, or emergency;
  • It is encouraged that students have their own 5 day supply of personal items:  
    • Thermometer 
    • Any Medication they may require 
    • Cleaning Supplies & Toiletries  
    • A cleaning and communication plan with their bathroom-mate 
    • A support plan for isolation, virtual social engagement
    • Face Covering/Mask 

You should plan to talk to your Room/Bathroom-mate and your apartment about what you are going to do if one of you gets sick or starts feeling unwell. What will be your cleaning plan? How will you keep each other safe? Pick up and deliver food for each other?

In the Event You are Feeling Unwell

Please have a conversation with your Room/Bathroom-mate and/or your Apartment. This does not include your whole floor or building. Only those you are sharing a living space with. If you feel unwell, we encourage you to let your Room/Bathroom-mate know and ensure you have a sanitizing and cleaning process in place. If you feel sick you will be asked to isolate in your room as much as possible, and to minimize your use of shared kitchen and common room spaces. If your room/bathroom-mate or apartment mate tell you that they are feeling unwell, please work together to enact your cleaning plan and limit your contact with others outside your household as best as you can while monitoring yourself for symptoms.